Mapping: STRAW

STRAW stands for Security Technology Active Watch. STRAW is a support action under the Security Research theme that aims at providing a European Service of Technology Watch on Security Technologies. The concept of STRAW is to bring together the defence and security research industry by a neutral coordination to ensure the awareness of underpinning technologies that make possible the implementation of civil security applications. There are two ongoing initiatives on technology taxonomy within EU, one from the industry and another from military community. STRAW aims at harmonizing both under the umbrella of an European Technology Watch in order to advise public authorities, EU security research community and public at large on emerging technologies.

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Annexe 1.1: Scoping Futures (1/7)

Aims and Objectives

Q1: What are the aims of the study? Please refer to the stated aims in the proposal or the description of the project (website or other presentation). Aims are changes/transformations to be achieved as a result of the study. How would you describe the relevance of the following options to the aims of the study?

Thematic Area Relevance
To transform capacities and skills
To transform strategies and priorities
To transform paradigms and current visions
To transform socio-economic and STI systems
To transform knowledge-based products and services
* = none/very low
** = low
*** = moderate
**** = high
***** = very high
STI = science, technology and innovation

Q2: What are the objectives of the study? Objectives are desired targets contributing toward the achievement of the aims.

Here you can map up to five project objectives (as they appear in the documents/websites) and use a scale of 1 to 5 to assess the objectives relevancy for EU / Your country.
Relevant for EU / Your country

Collection of data from the different entry points, managing the quality, relevance, reliability, sensitiveness and innovativeness of the data provided on available technologies.
5 5

Combination of the different entries using a Taxonomy Mix Approach.
5 5

Performing of a segmentation of information receivers and customise the right information for each segment in order to forecast the likely security technology information to be used in the relevant ar
5 5

Deliver the information using the most efficient channels in order that the users could efficiently and effectively meet the challenges resulting from global technological changes.
5 5

create a panel of security experts to monitor the network implementation and advise the EC, MS etc.
5 5
1 = none/very low
2 = low
3 = moderate
4 = high
5 = very high

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