Mapping: IPCC - Human health: Climate Change 2007

This chapter (Chapter 8 of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report) describes the observed and projected health impacts of climate change, current and future populations at risk, and the strategies, policies and measures that have been and can be taken to reduce impacts. The chapter reviews the knowledge that has emerged since the Third Assessment Report (TAR) (McMichael et al., 2001). Published research continues to focus on effects in high-income countries, and there remain important gaps in information for the more vulnerable populations in lowand middle-income countries.

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Annexe 1.3: Scoping Futures (3/7)

Context and Domain Coverage

Q1: Please indicate which of the following contexts best describe the study?

  • International FLA

Q2: For FLA in the context of EC FP, indicate the type of instrument that ‘best’ fit the study?

Q3: Use 1 to 5 stars (*****) to indicate how the EC FP thematic areas relate to the study?

No. Thematic area Relevance
1 Health
Environment (including climate change)

Q4: Use 1 to 5 stars (*****) to indicate how the FRASCATI categories relate to the study?

Id FRASCATI Category Name Relevance
Engineering and Technology
Medical sciences
Social sciences

Q5: Use 1 to 5 stars (*****) to indicate how the NACE categories relate to the study?

Id NACE Category Name Relevance
Professional, scientific and technical activities
Human health and social work activities

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