Mapping: SICMA

The proposal focuses on computer assisted decision making for Health Service crisis managers; it will aim at improving decision-making capabilities through an integrated suite of modelling and analysis tools providing insights into the collective behaviour of the whole organisation in response to crisis scenarios.

Decision Support has to be provided in the following phases:
- preparation: assisting in the identification of the best way to employ available assets, the limits of the achievable response and the effectiveness of different inter/intra-services cooperation procedures
- implementation: providing a forecast of scenario evolution, proposing doctrine-based solutions and evaluating the effects of alternative decisions
- debriefing: evaluating the effectiveness of current doctrine/procedures, proposing and evaluating possible modifications for enhancing the overall efficiency of the organisation.

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Annexe 1.11: Mobilising Futures (4/7)

Cooperation and Networking

Q1: Please list up to 10 initiatives involved in cooperation and networking activities supporting the 5 phases of the FLA process.

Institution Contact Person / Country Type of Involvement Phases of the FLA Being Supported

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