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FLA Mapping e-Book

FLA Mapping: 
Towards a fully-fledged FLA mapping system

Date: December 2012

Authors: Popper, R., Amanatidou, E., Jones, B., Teichler, T.

Number of pages: 88

This FLA Mapping e-book is the final output of the EFP Mapping Work Package (Deliverable 2.6) highlighting key results of the EFP Mapping work (WP2). The main chapters of the e-book include:

  • Introduction to FLA Mapping;
  • Rationales for Mapping FLA;
  • Understanding the SMART Futures Process;
  • Methodology for the mapping of 50 FLA cases;
  • The Mapping Environment: Sharing FLA knowledge;
  • Security Futures: Mapping of 16 Security FLA Cases;
  • Health Futures: Mapping of 20 Health FLA Cases;
  • Conclusions.