The EFP Mapping Environment is a multi-purpose platform aimed to monitor, analyse and position (MAP) forward-looking activities (FLA) in Europe and the world. This is a unique space where you will be able locate and hopefully share research and innovation initiatives, which are often associated to one or more of the following approaches: foresight, horizon scanning, forecasting and impact assessment… read more »

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Forward Looking Activities Mapping Environment (FLAME)

The FLA Mapping Environment (FLAME) is a fully independent web-space aimed to monitor, analyse and position (MAP) forward-looking activities (FLA) in Europe and the world. FLAME has been adapted to meet the needs of European FLA and support the European Foresight Platform Mapping Work Package led by the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research of The University of Manchester. Furthermore, given that the FLAME platform is powered by Futures Diamond's FLA mapping and content management systems, registered FLAME members have access to the iKnow Community tools and vice versa. The current Mapping Environment (Deliverable 2.2 of the EFP project) includes key functionalities discussed with the European Commission and the EFP consortium in an internal document called EFP Mapping Protocols (Deliverable 2.1).


FLA Mapping Team


The core FLA Mapping Team included:

  • Rafael Popper (MIoIR/MBS, The University of Manchester) - EFP mapping leader
  • Effie Amanatidou (MIoIR/MBS, The University of Manchester)
  • Barbara Jones (MIoIR/MBS, The University of Manchester)
  • Thomas Teichler (Technopolis Group)

The extended FLA Mapping Team included the following contributors and interviewees*:

  • Ian Miles
  • Ivan Montenegro Trujillo
  • Monika Popper
  • Guillermo Velasco
  • Lukáš Dohnal
  • Elisabetta Marinelli
  • Annelieke van der Giessen
  • Bas van Schoonhoven
  • Matthias Weber
  • Susanne Giesecke
  • Domenico Rossetti *
  • Fabiana Scapolo *
  • Perla Srour-Gandon *