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The aim of MEDPRO is to contribute to the reform process in the political, economic and social agendas by broadening the level of knowledge on the interplay between the diverse set of challenges and providing deep insights into the prospected policy options and their outcomes. MEDPRO will thus deliver the best available scientific underpinning for future policy decisions both domestically and at EU level within the framework of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), successor of the Barcelona Process, as well as the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) Programme. In order to achieve this goal, the research will be interdisciplinary, gathering reputed research institutes from both shores of the Mediterranean and a list of highly qualified researchers with diverse backgrounds, regional expertise and proven track records. By undertaking an inclusive analysis of the main development issues for the Mediterranean, the project will provide new evidence on the long term outlook, the cohesion between the different aspects of socio-economic development and the resulting challenges for public policy.

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Annexe 1.7: Scoping Futures (7/7)

Funding and Duration

1. Funding

Q1: Please indicate the estimated “Project Cost” (in Euros €) of the study.

  • 2,000,001—3,000,000 Euros

Q2: Please indicate the proportion of the “Project Cost” funded by the sponsor.

  • 85 %

Q3: Does the scope of the project allow for continuation of its activities?

  • No
  • < 50,000 Euros(amount of funding that may be required from the sponsor)

2. Duration

Q1: Indicate which of the following options apply to the project duration (in months).

  • 25 to 36 months

Q2a: If available, indicate the Start Date.

  • 01. 03. 2010

Q2b: If available, indicate the End Date.

  • 01. 03. 2013

Q2c: Was the project extended?

  • No

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