Mapping: IPCC - Human health: Climate Change 2007

This chapter (Chapter 8 of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report) describes the observed and projected health impacts of climate change, current and future populations at risk, and the strategies, policies and measures that have been and can be taken to reduce impacts. The chapter reviews the knowledge that has emerged since the Third Assessment Report (TAR) (McMichael et al., 2001). Published research continues to focus on effects in high-income countries, and there remain important gaps in information for the more vulnerable populations in lowand middle-income countries.

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Annexe 1.7: Scoping Futures (7/7)

Funding and Duration

1. Funding

Q1: Please indicate the estimated “Project Cost” (in Euros €) of the study.

  • < 50,000 Euros

Q2: Please indicate the proportion of the “Project Cost” funded by the sponsor.

  • %

Q3: Does the scope of the project allow for continuation of its activities?

  • No
  • < 50,000 Euros(amount of funding that may be required from the sponsor)

2. Duration

Q1: Indicate which of the following options apply to the project duration (in months).

  • Up to 6 months

Q2a: If available, indicate the Start Date.

Q2b: If available, indicate the End Date.

Q2c: Was the project extended?

  • No

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