Mapping: CIVISTI

The CIVISTI project identifies new emerging issues for European Science and Technology by uncovering European citizens’ visions of the future and transforms these into relevant long term science, technology and innovation issues, which are of relevance for European policies of S&T and for the development of the 8th Framework Programme.
The CIVISTI project does this by: consulting national citizen panels through an informed deliberation process, focussing on long term visions, needs and concerns of the citizens; developing an analytical model for transformation of the visions into relevant issues for future science and technology; using the analytical model, through stakeholder and expert participation processes, analyse the citizen visions and transform them into possible priorities for research programmes; and validating the priorities through a second round of citizen consultation. The project develops a novel citizen participation process with the aim of making cost-effective citizen participation possible in foresight processes.
CIVISTI includes new European actors in the foresight processes in order to expand the experience and capacity of foresight among the Member States, institutions and researchers.

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Annexe 1.23: Recommending Futures (2/6)

Initiatives and Actors

Q1: Did the study recommended new Initiatives and Actors?

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