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Objective: The DESSI project will develop a highly structured and versatile method for Decision Support on Security Investment, which provides a participatory assessment process, which takes into account the many and complex societal dimensions of security investment decisions. The method will be developed through a combination of foresight and technology assessment methodologies, threat, security and criminology research, and praxis in multi-criteria assessment methods in fields such as cost-benefit analysis, risk assessment and impact assessment. The user will be able to compare alternative ways of counteracting a specific threat. The comparison will be made on a set of dimensions in security investment decisions, such as security gain, privacy impact, social implications, political significance, and economy. The assessment will be future-oriented by testing the investments against a set of future scenarios on possible changes in the societal context, thereby checking the robustness of decisions.

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Annexe 1.25: Recommending Futures (4/6)

Investments and Training

Q1: Did the study recommended new Investments and Training?

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