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For the first time, ICT and computation enable the study of epidemic in a comprehensive fashion that addresses the complexity inherent to the biological, social and behavioural aspects of health related problems. The EPIWORK project proposes a multidisciplinary research effort aimed at developing the appropriate framework of tools and knowledge needed for the design of epidemic forecast infrastructures. The research considers most of the much needed development of modelling, computational and ICT tools such as i) the foundation and development of the mathematical and computational methods needed to achieve prediction and predictability of disease spreading in complex social systems; ii) the development of large scale, data driven computational models endowed with a high level of realism and aimed at epidemic scenario forecast; iii) the design and implementation of original data-collection schemes motivated by identified modelling needs, such as the collection of real-time disease incidence, through innovative web and ICT applications. v) the set up of a computational platform for epidemic research and data sharing that will generate important synergies between research communities and countries.

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Annexe 1.10: Mobilising Futures (3/7)

Methodology and Domain Experts

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