Mapping: SESTI - Scanning for Emerging S&T Issues

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the development of an effective system for the early identification of weak signals of emerging issues. Beneath this overriding goal is the desire to initiate momentum at national and European level to pro-actively address emerging issues. In this regard, this project also aims at developing and improving new tools and methods for weak signals of emerging issues to improve detection and the operationalisation of methods using a case oriented approach and feed the project results into European and national policy-making. While focusing in three target areas, cognitive enhancement, energy and health, this project builds on existing structures and competencies in foresight and horizon scanning in place at national level and intends to add value by improving existing resources, providing new strategic information and creating synergies exploiting complementarities between initiatives.

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Annexe 1.30: Transforming (3/6)

Paradigms and current visions

Q1: Did the initiative/project lead to NEW PARADIGMS/VISIONS?

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