Mapping: AUGUR

The AUGUR challlenge is to capture, within a set of scenarios, the characteristics and implications of a variety of patterns that may occur in 2030 in all domains, be it political, economic, social, environmental or technological, in Europe and in the world.

The project wants to take stock of long term trends identified in demograpic and environmental changes, as well as featuring some of the effects of likely changes in technology and behaviours. But it also wants to take into account the important institutional transformations that could come out of the major crisis that the world economy is confronted with.

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Annexe 1.14: Mobilising Futures (7/7)

Public Relations and Marketing

Q1: Please indicate with 1 to 5 stars (*****) the level of use of three types of public relation and marketing strategies to promote the study while it was ongoing?

Word of Mouth
Presenting the project at events/conferences organised by others
Attending events/conferences organised by others
Organising events/conferences
Personal briefings
Policy/Research Briefs
Media articles/interviews
* = none/very low
** = low
*** = moderate
**** = high
***** = very high
Note: The mapping of public relation and marketing refers to activities to engage key stakeholders before the production of final results.

Q2: What were the main “catching hooks” that the study used to attract key stakeholders’ interest?

  • Reputation of individual project members
  • Access to foresight and FLA practice (know-how)
  • Access to foresight and FLA outcomes (knowledge/content)

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