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Changing Multilateralism: the EU as a Global-regional Actor in Security and Peace, or EU-GRASP in short, is an EU funded FP7 Programme. EU-GRASP aims to contribute to the analysis and articulation of the current and future role of the EU as a global actor in multilateral security governance, in a context of challenged multilateralism, where the EU aims at “effective multilateralism”. This project therefore examines the notion and practice of multilateralism in order to provide the required theoretical background for assessing the linkages between the EU’s current security activities with multi-polarism, international law, regional integration processes and the United Nations system. The project includes a foresight study, building on the project’s findings that will detail scenarios for future EU policy towards external security relations and multilateral approaches to threats and challenges.

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Annexe 1.2: Scoping Futures (2/7)

Rationales and Background

Q1: Use 1 to 5 stars (*****) to indicate how the following FORESIGHTING rationales best relate to the study?

FORESIGHT Rationale Relevance
Forecasting TEEPSE events/developments
Orienting policy and strategy development
Recognising drivers/impacts of TEEPSE changes
Engaging key stakeholders and decision-shapers
Supporting STI priority-setting and governance
Identifying key/emerging TEEPSE issues
Generating (shared) visions and scenarios
Harmonising (STI) supply and demand needs
Transforming/absorbing capacities and methodology
Identifying risks, grand challenges and opportunities
Networking and international cooperation
Generating bridges between science and policy
* = none/very low
** = low
*** = moderate
**** = high
***** = very high
TEEPSE = technological, economic, environmental, political, social, ethical
STI = science, technology and innovation

Q2a: What background events can be related the study? Please indicate up to 5 events that led to the study

Background event related to the study Indicate the type of event
In December 2003, the European Council published the first ever European Security Strategy (ESS)

Q2b: What background documents/initiative can be related to the study

Background document/initiative Type Use in the project
European security strategy 2003
Document To justify it
under the authority of the EU's High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana
Initiative To justify it

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