Mapping: RIFI - Research infrastructures: foresight & impact

The Commission working document European Research Area for Infrastructures and the setting up of European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) marked the recognition of the need to adopt a European approach to Research Infrastructures by promoting a better exploitation of the existing Research Infrastructures, combining efforts and resources for the construction of new Research Infrastructures, and establishing a Europe-wide advice and policy-making process.
When looking at the geographical distribution of Research Infrastructures in Europe - it becomes clear that Central, East, and South-East Europe do not play a significant role as host countries that either corresponds to, or reflects, their capacity or potential.The RIFI project aims at developing an integrated framework for the identification of RI investment opportunities and methods for S-E impact assessment of new RIs. For validating the impact assessment methodology several case studies of RIs located at the outskirts of the current borders of the EU will be analyzed.

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Annexe 1.17: Anticipating Futures (3/7)

TEEPSE Drivers, Trends and Megatrends

Q1: Did the study anticipate TEEPSE Drivers, Trends or Megatrends?

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