Mapping: Foresight for our Future Society

In spring 2007, Tekes (The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) and NISTEP (the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy of Japan) decided to undertake a joint foresight pilot project. The project had several goals. Developing and piloting foresight  methodology that combines Delphi survey and a participatory panel processwas a key objective. NISTEP’s primary goal was to develop and pilot new methodologies for their next national technology foresight survey. Tekes wanted to deepen and widen foresight for some themes already identified in its own strategic focus area process, and this project provided a good platform. For both organizations, this was a pilot foresight project where societal challenges occupied a central role. International cooperation in foresight was important for both parties. The main purpose of the foresight process was to identify policy actions and innovation needs as well as potentials related to the selected societal themes.

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Annexe 1.5: Scoping Futures (5/7)

Territorial scope

Q1: Please indicate the territorial scope

  • Supranational
    • Trans-border

Q2a: Please indicate the primary regions/countries covered by the study

In Europe - EU countries Finland
In Asia Japan

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