Mapping: FORESEC - Europe's evolving security: drivers, trends and scenarios

The objective of the FORESEC support action is to tie together the multiple threads of existing work on the future of European security in an attempt to provide a more cogent guidance, orientation and structure to all future security related research activities. The project will enhance the shared vision and facilitate the emergence of a coherent and holistic approach to current and future threats and challenges for European security amongst the community of official and non-official constituencies involved. In particular, it will identify security responses in which there is particular added-value and shared interest to work at the European level; build a pan-European network around the European security foresight processes and initiate a societal debate on European security and security research. The FORESEC support action is targeted at providing critical policy support and advice for security researchers and decision-makers with view to providing recommendations in the medium- to long-term timeframe and to produces results relevant for the broader security policy community and policy makers.

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Annexe 1.6: Scoping Futures (6/7)

Time horizon(s)

Q1: Please indicate if the study has multiple time horizons.

  • No

Q2: Please indicate the (primary) time horizon band of the study.

  • 2021—2025

Q3: Taking into account the context and domain coverage (theme/sector) of the study, indicate which of the following terms best describes the time horizon?

  • Medium-term perspective

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